Here you can find out exactly where you can find all Mokoko seeds in Rethramis - Loghill based of some pictures.

Mokoko Seeds

What Are these Mokoko Seeds and what do they do?

The Mokoko Seeds are one of many different collectibles in Lost Ark. Once you collect a certain amount, you will receive a reward, from a trading card that can strengthen your character, to titles and character transformations, there is something for everyone here.

Here you can see all the rewards you can get by collecting these Mokoko Seeds.

You can open up this menu via the key combination "Alt + L" and then "Mokoko Seeds".

There are 9 Mokoko seeds in total to add to your collection.

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The hidden jump

Here's a little guide on how to trigger the hidden jump and collect the two Mokoko seeds hidden behind the wall.
First, kill those monsters in that exact spot on the map.

After that, a golden arrow will appear, where you can use the hotkey shown to jump behind the wall. This is only possible for a few seconds though, so be quick or you'll have to wait for the monster to respawn.

You can then collect the two seeds behind the wall.

The next seed is a bit hidden behind a wall in a bandit camp.

The next seed is in front of a ruin.

The next seed is in a field, next to a rock, next to sunflowers.

The rest of the seeds are on the top of stem mound.

The first seed here is at the end of a bridge.

The next seed is a little more hidden behind the branches of a tree.

The last two seeds are behind a blockage that you can clear with Song of Minuet.

Unfortunately, as I haven't unlocked this song yet, I can't exactly show the seeds. However, this song is unlocked with a quest.

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