Shakes & Fidget Classes

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Shakes & Fidget: The Necromancer is Coming!

Playa Games has planned a new, somewhat more complex class. Playa Games has already tried its hand at complex classes before, but subsequently simplified them considerably. You can find out all about the "Necromancer" in this post.

Shakes & Fidget: The Battle Mage after Rework

The Battle Mage has finally undergone its rework. In this post you will get a brief overview of the Battle Mage's abilities in Shakes & Fidget.

Shakes & Fidget: The Bard is the New Class in Sfgame

In this post, you'll learn all about the newest class in Shakes and Fidget: The Bard.

Shakes & Fidget: New "Druid" can Switch Between Forms

At the virtual Oktoberfest in Shakes & Fidget you can not only drink beer for free, but also select the new druid as a class to play.

Shakes & Fidget: The Berserker - Best Class for Dungeons?

Many players quickly recognized the potential of the Berserker. Since release, he has been one of the dominant classes when it comes to leveling as quickly as possible. But what exactly makes the Berserker so strong?

Shakes & Fidget: Update - Olymp Dungeon and Demon Hunter Class

Around the Easter weekend, Playa Games announced some news for Shakes & Fidget. Besides a new dungeon there is also a new class: The Demon Hunter.