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Benchmark: Overclocked Intel Core i5-12600K Geekbench Results

In this article you will find out the Geekbench results, also overclocked for the Core i5 12600K, from Intel's latest Alder Lake series.

How to Waste Less Time on YouTube

Is YouTube also one of your most used apps? Are screen time statistics showing a disturbing amount of time on YouTube? Then you are probably also a victim of the YouTube algorithm that holds you tight and lets your time run down the drain.

Quality Flaws for 180€ - Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller Review

The top class Xbox controller is entering the second round. Half a year after the release, initial teething problems are still not resolved. How bad is it with the controller?

3 Reasons to Quit Social Media

Everyone carries them around on their smartphones: The black holes of productive time. However, we are not talking about a new astronomical phenomenon, but about apps that should actually make our lives easier.