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Mental state: Berserk. Final straw: Ate without table.

RimWorld: All Expansions in the Overview

In this post you will learn everything about the current and upcoming RimWorld DLCs so that you can get a rough overview of the content.

RimWorld: Everything About the Storytellers

In this post, we'll look at the differences between the classic storytellers in RimWorld. We also take a look at a few storytellers from the workshop.

RimWorld: Biotech - Vampire Sanguophage Guide

Vampires are coming to your planet in the RimWorld Biotech expansion. Where do vampires appear, what can they do and how do you become one yourself? Find out in this post.

RimWorld: Ate Without Table (-3) Leads to Mental Breakdown

Probably the best known and funniest debuff in RimWorld revolves around food. If a colonist has no table to eat at, it spoils his mood. In the worst case scenario, this leads to a breakdown. You can find out which breakdowns your colonists can suffer in RimWorld in this article.

RimWorld: Best Hospital Setup

The hospital in RimWorld is one of the essential rooms of your colony. Without an effective one, the recovery of your colonists will take even longer. You can learn how to set up an optimal hospital in this post.

RimWorld: The Lost Tribe - How to Start Successfully

The Lost Tribe is a RimWorld scenario in which five people want to escape the dangerous planet, while starting without research. In this post, you'll find out everything you need to have a good start in this scenario.

RimWorld: Which Difficulty is Which?

In addition to the three standard AI storytellers in RimWorld, you can also choose a difficulty level. However, with the 1.1 update, the names of the difficulty levels changed - so which one is which now?