F1 22

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F1 Game: Save Fuel With "Lift and Coast" - This is How it Works

The "Fuel Management" training program is all about saving fuel. Therefore, you will learn how to use "Lift and Coast" to your advantage, so that you always end up in the optimal range for your fuel consumption.

F1 22: With this CPU / processor runs the game for Formula 1 2022

In this post you'll find out which processors will run Formula 1 2022 in FullHD, QHD, 4k at 60 Fps and what to look for when buying a CPU for F1 22.

F1 22: Immersive and Broadcast Style Formation Lap, Pit Stops and Safety Car Periods

In this years iteration of the F1 game there will be more to do during formation lap and pit stops. If you don't want that, you can use broadcast-style cinematics instead.

F1 22: Everything You Need to Know About Sprint Races

The Formula 1 Sprint is a new format since 2021 to set the starting grid for Sunday's race. You can find everything about points, details about the race and the schedule of the race weekend in this post.

F1 Game: How Does the Overtake Button Work? (ERS)

You can activate ERS in F1 22 to make it easier to overtake other cars. In this post you can find out exactly how it works and what the bars in the HUD mean.

F1 22: Which Wheels and Controllers are Supported?

This article is here to give you a brief overview of which wheels and controllers are supported in the F1 2022 game.

F1 22: These Supercars are in the Game!

After the classic Formula 1 cars have been in the game for the last few years, Codemasters is now removing them but adding street cars to the game instead.