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Basic HTML guides for beginners.

Add Caption to HTML Table

A caption can be used to add a heading to a HTML table. This makes it easy to understand what the table is about.

How to Comment HTML Code

In every programming language there is the possibility to add explanatory text in the form of comments to the code. Comments are only visible to the programmer and are not displayed in the running program. Here you can find out how to add such comments to HTML code.

Colorizing a HTML Table

In this post you will be shown how you can edit the font color and the background color of the cells as you wish.

Adding a Link to an Image in HTML

In order to add a link to an image, so that clicking on the image will redirect the user to a new page, you will need the HTML attribute href (Hypertext Reference). How the whole thing works, you will find out in this post.

Adding Pictures to a HTML Table

It is super easy in the Ghost editor to add pictures to a HTML table. First of all, the image has to be somewhere on the internet with a link. Then all you have to do is copy this link into the brackets. What this looks like, you will find out in this post.

Adding Clickable Links to a HTML Table

In our games tab, we have a table that lists the individual games. In the upper cell is the title of the game and below a matching image. If you click on the title of the game, you will be redirected to the "tag" of the game. How you can also add clickable links in a HTML table is explained here.

Creating a Simple HTML Table

In this post you will learn how to add simple HTML tables to your Ghost blog, but also anywhere else.