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Ghost Blog: How to Delete Indexed Pages from Google

Removing individual links of your Ghost blog from Google search is possible through an extended robots.txt file. Here's how to do it.

Ghost Blog: How to Add Footnotes to Your Post

Footnotes can be used to refer to links without interrupting the text. Mostly used in scientific papers, however, blogs can also use this function to add sources, or to add additional explanations.

Answering Blogging Beginner Questions

In the subreddit /r/blogging often the same questions are asked. This post answers frequently asked questions about getting started with a blog.

Creating a Table of Contents for your Ghost Blog (No JavaScript)

With particularly long posts, it can be tedious to dig through the entire content. Then you often no longer read everything and skip key points. With a Table of Contents, you can jump straight to the paragraph that interests you.

Perfect Size for your Ghost Blog Publication Cover (CASPER Theme)

The cover picture of your Ghost blog can be set in the editor under "General". In order to display the whole image, it is recommended to accurately crop the image.