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F1 23: All Race Tracks in the Game

Like every year, the available tracks in the F1 game reflect the race calendar of the current F1 season. In this post you'll find an overview of all the tracks you'll be able to race on in the new F1 2023 game.

F1 23: What Drivers and Teams are Featured in the Game?

Which drivers await you in the F1 game that will be released in 2023? Also, how do these drivers get their cockpits in the first place? You can find out all that in this post.

F1 23: What is the Best Team?

The new season has only just started and the first trends can already be seen. Which team is the best and which is the worst? How strong are the teams in the upcoming F1 game?

F1 23: Which Team Drives Which Engine?

In Formula 1, engine performance plays a crucial role in a team's success. But not every team can afford to develop its own engine. So what team runs which engine? And which teams basically work together?

F1 23: When is the Release?

When will the new F1 game (F1 2023) from EA and Codemasters be released? Find out in this post!

F1 Game: Save Fuel With "Lift and Coast" - This is How it Works

The "Fuel Management" training program is all about saving fuel. Therefore, you will learn how to use "Lift and Coast" to your advantage, so that you always end up in the optimal range for your fuel consumption.

F1 Game: How Does the Overtake Button Work? (ERS)

You can activate ERS in F1 22 to make it easier to overtake other cars. In this post you can find out exactly how it works and what the bars in the HUD mean.