League of Legends

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Minute 50, the nexus falls. gg ez.

League of Legends: How to get Better by Building Routines

You can improve in League of Legends without investing an additional hundred hours. This post is about a method that improves your gameplay off the Rift.

League of Legends: Actual Drop Chance of Ultimate Skins

Hextech Crafting in League of Legends has been around for a few years now. For streamers, that's just another reason to spend hundreds of dollars on pack openings. But what is the chance of a "main prize"? Is it worth it, or is it just burning money?

League of Legends: How to Win the Game With an Autofill Support

As a botlane, Solo Queue often makes it difficult to get along well and finish the lane without major misunderstandings. This set of rules is intended to set a framework in which the Solo Queue is bearable even for ADCs.

League of Legends: Your Rank is Not Worth the Same Anymore

Just over a year ago, Riot Games announced the new Grandmaster-tier, as well as the Iron-tier, at the bottom of the rankings. All tiers now have only four, instead of five divisions. In the background was also worked on the ranked distribution, which now shows in the ladder.

League of Legends: Does Riot Not Know What They Want?

Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, has promoted mobas to the most popular game genre of the last decade. Even though League of Legends has been and still is so extremely successful, Riot has repeatedly taken the wrong steps in the further development of LoL.
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