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Minute 50, the nexus falls. gg ez.

League of Legends: Everything About the 2vs2 Arena Mode

Riot Games has revived an old idea this year: A 2vs2 game mode on a tiny arena map. In this post you can find out all about the new exciting casual mode.

League of Legends: Kill Streaks and Bounties

When do you become legendary in League of Legends? How much bounty do you get for a kill? You can find out all this and more in this post.

League of Legends: Everything About the New Objective Bounty

New for Season 12 are Objective Bounties, which give the losing team a small gold boost when slaying epic monsters and turrets. In this post you will learn how these Objective Bounties work and how much gold they give.

League of Legends: Dates of All Scheduled Patches in 2022 (Season 12)

When will the patches come live in S12? In this post you will find a list of all planned patches and events that are taking place during the particular patch.

League of Legends: Changes to the Ranked System in Season 12

In this post you will find out what things are changing in this ranked season. I'll especially talk about some changes that were not welcomed by the community.

League of Legends: Riot removes "All"-Chat

After 12 years it's now gone - Riot Games is completely removing the "all" chat from the game. This not only puts an end to BM-ing your opponents, but also annoying arguments between the teams.

League of Legends: Watching Streams to Improve

Watching streams from professional players is just as much a part of League of Legends as the FF vote at minute 20. While most just watch for entertainment, many want to improve through it. This post will give you some tips on how streams can help you improve.