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7 vs. Wild: Fritz Meinecke's statement on the incident at 7 vs. Wild

After the incident with Andreas Kieling, Fritz Meinecke makes a statement in his livestream on Twitch that lasts over 40 minutes. The whole thing is also available as a YouTube video.

7 vs. Wild: Why Andreas Kieling Was Excluded and Jan Lange Joins

The 3rd season of 7 vs. Wild comes with a surprise: Andreas Kieling is out, Jan Lange is in. Find out the reasons for the change and the reaction of the community in our blog post.

HyperX: Cloud III - WIRELESS Gaming Headset announced - Our pre-release Test

HyperX Cloud III Wireless: 120 hours of battery life, 53 mm drivers, crystal-clear microphone. Our pre-release test.

7 vs. Wild: When will the first episode of the third season be released?

Many fans of "7 vs. Wild" are wondering when the first episode of the third season will finally be released. This question and where exactly "7 vs. Wild" can be followed, I briefly clarify in this small blog post.

7 vs. Wild: Potassium Permanganet for Water Disinfection?

In this article, you'll learn more about the many uses of potassium permanganate in the military and its role in 7 vs. Wild with Knossi and Sascha Huber.

7 vs. Wild: Season 3 - Where will the season be filmed? My speculations

In this blogpost I analyze the possible location of the 3rd season of 7 vs. Wild. My guesses are based on a video from Fritz and a little research. My guess: Vancouver Island.

7 vs. Wild: Season 3 - What fauna / wildlife will be on site?

The contestants of the "7 vs. Wild" show could encounter a variety of different wildlife in their filming location in Canada. Here is a list of the animals that could be found in the region.