F1 24

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F1 24: Bonus Content for Pre-Ordering

What else do you get when you pre-order F1 24? Which versions are available? You can find out everything about the pre-order versions in this post.

F1 24: All Race Tracks in the Game

As every year, the race tracks available in the F1 game reflect the racing calendar of the current F1 season. In this post you will find an overview of all the tracks you can race on in the new F1 2024 game.

F1 24: Which Drivers and Teams are in the Game?

Which professional drivers await you in the F1 game that will be released in 2024? Find out in this post.

F1 24: When is the Release?

When is the new F1 game (F1 2024) from EA and Codemasters being published? Find out in this post!

F1 24: Which Team Drives Which Engine?

In Formula 1, engine performance is a cornerstone of a team's success. However, for some teams it is not financially feasible to develop their own engine. This raises the question: Which team will use which engine?

F1 24: System Requirements - What Hardware Do I Need?

The release of the F1 24 game is just around the corner, so I have summarized known information about minimum requirements here.

F1 24: What is the Best Team?

The new season has only just begun and the first assumptions can be made. Which team is the best, which is the worst? How strong are the teams in the upcoming F1 game?