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Cut Melon - This is the easiest way to do it

Currently it is melon time. It's warm and a delicious watermelon is really something special. That's probably why one or the other wonders how to cut open a melon or how to cut it at all. In this post, I share my method for slicing melons.

Twitch: This premium content is not available in your region.

Sometimes VODs on Twitch get blocked for non obvious reasons. Twitch usually shows this error: This premium content is not available in your region.

How to Waste Less Time on YouTube

Is YouTube also one of your most used apps? Are screen time statistics showing a disturbing amount of time on YouTube? Then you are probably also a victim of the YouTube algorithm that holds you tight and lets your time run down the drain.

Quality Flaws for 180€ - Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller Review

The top class Xbox controller is entering the second round. Half a year after the release, initial teething problems are still not resolved. How bad is it with the controller?

Answering Blogging Beginner Questions

In the subreddit /r/blogging often the same questions are asked. This post answers frequently asked questions about getting started with a blog.

3 Reasons to Quit Social Media

Everyone carries them around on their smartphones: The black holes of productive time. However, we are not talking about a new astronomical phenomenon, but about apps that should actually make our lives easier.