In this post I want to show you the different places where you can find the music box in Phasmophobia and give you an explanation about this cursed possession.


When you use the music box, you attract the spirit. A good opportunity for a ghost photo.

Any player near the playing jukebox loses sanity.

As soon as you are close enough to the ghost, it will start singing and run towards the music box.

When the ghost reaches the box, it starts a cursed hunt.

If you throw the running Musicbox instead of placing it, the ghost will immediately start a cursed hunt.


Point Hope

On the 6th floor of Point Hope you will find the Music Box.

In this bedroom the Music Box is on the table on the right side after entering the room.

Tanglewood Drive

In Tanglewood Drive, the music box is in the children's room.
You will find this as soon as you enter the house, if you take the 1st corridor to the left and then immediately turn right again.
There it lies on a board on the wall as soon as you enter the room.

Edgefield Road

In Edgefield Road, as soon as you enter the house, the music box is in the first room on the left. There she is on a dresser, on the right side of the room.

Ridgeview Court

In Ridgeview Court you will find the music box on the 1st floor.
To do this, go straight ahead onto the stairs at the entrance and up.
In the hallway go left and right again into the room.
The box is on a small cupboard there.

Grafton Farmhouse

In Grafton Farmhouse, the music box is on a wooden shelf on the right immediately after entering the house.

Willow Street

On Willow Street, the music box is immediately to the left, after the front door on a cabinet.

Brownstone High School

In Brownstone High School, the Music Box is on a small bench to the right of the 1st room in this location.

Bleasdale Farmhouse

In Bleasedale Farmhouse the Musicbox is in the living room which is the 2nd room of the house as you go straight through.

Sunny Meadows

In the mental institution, Sunny Meadows, the Musicbox can be found in the chapel along with all other cursed items. There is the game box in the red circle.

Sunny Meadows Restricted

As in the normal version of Sunny Meadows, you can also find the music box in Sunny Meadows Restricted in the chapel.


In Prison, the music box is in a box that is just to the left as you enter the location.

Maple Lodge campsite

In Maple Lodge Campsite you will find the music box in front of the house which is at the very end of the path if you bear right.

Camp Woodwind

In Camp Woodwind, the Musicbox is on the left in the yellow tent.

Equipment Upgrades

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Progression 2.0 brings some new equipment upgrades, which you will get here in a general overview.


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