In this post I want to show you a build of the character Glutton, with which you can play through the game very well.

The Gluttons positive traits are that it starts with +50 Luck.

He also gains +1% explosion damage when picking up a consumable while having full HP.

Additionally, when picking up a consumable, he explodes and deals 500% melee damage - this damage is always dealt even if he doesn't have full HP.

The negative features are that item prices in the shop are +25% more expensive, and he gets -25% XP gain.

We start the run with the Pruner.

This works perfectly for this character as it ensures that at level 1, every 15 seconds a consumable item appears that we can pick up to increase our explosion damage and deal additional damage around it.

As a further source of damage, explosive weapons such as the rocket launcher are extremely helpful, as they benefit perfectly from character traits.

If you don't get around to picking up the consumables during the wave, they'll be picked up automatically at the end of the wave, and you'll get your explosion damage bonus!

Due to the fact that the Pruner doesn't do a lot of damage, you have to focus more on the explosions here. On the one hand, we increase this damage through melee damage, which in turn increases the damage of the Pruners.

Also, items that increase your explosion damage are like Dynamite

and items that increase your blast radius, like the Plastic Explosive

extremely helpful and should always be taken with you.

It is also recommended to further increase Luck, as this will result in even more consumables being dropped by opponents.

You should also always take items with you that allow you to heal more consumables, as they will give you very good regeneration.

If you then get enough armor and max HP for defense, you can basically just walk around the whole time, picking up the consumables and healing yourself against all damage.

After a successful run, you unlock Spicy Sauce for your further runs.

Guide for all Achievements

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