Here you will find instructions on how to collect Narcoberries or Narcoberrys or Narcotics.

In the world of Ark: Survival Evolved, Narcoberries are essential for creating the anesthetics needed to tame dinosaurs. But collecting these berries manually can be time-consuming. Luckily, there are dinosaurs that are specifically suited to farming Narcoberries efficiently. In this article, we'll look at which dinosaurs to use on your Narcoberry farming adventure to maximize your harvest

The first dinosaur that you can tame quite easily is the Parasaur. It is particularly suitable for beginners when farming berries.

The Parasaur can be easily stunned with a bola and a wooden club or slingshot. It is characterized by a good movement speed, but it cannot carry too much weight. You can learn the saddle for the Parasaur and the Bola from level 9.

The Triceratops. It allows you to farm berries in a slightly increased radius.

The Triceratops is great not only for farming berries, but also for harvesting straw and wood, and for defense. Compared to the Parasaur, the Triceratops can carry more weight, but is slightly slower. You can learn the saddle for the Triceratops from level 16.

The Stegosaurus is also a good place to start.

Thanks to its tail, the Stegosaurus has a greater range when mining resources, but its movement is significantly slower. You can learn the saddle for the Stegosaurus from level 15.

The Iguanodon is a versatile companion with many properties.

With an Iguanodon you can not only farm berries, wood and straw, but also collect the seeds of the berries, which you can then grow in beds to get the maximum yield for making Narcotics. You can learn the saddle for the Iguanodon from level 30.

The Megatherium, these huge sloths from prehistoric times, were impressive animals and should not be underestimated.

You can farm berries very well with the Megatherium, and it is also good for collecting chitin, straw and fibers. However, you can only learn the saddle for the Megatherium from level 52.

The Brontosaurus, a stately giant, is characterized by its versatility.

The Brontosaurus impresses with its considerable size and can also mine resources with its tail. This makes farming a lot easier, especially when it comes to collecting a significant amount of berries. You can learn the saddle for the Brontosaurus from level 63. In addition, from level 82 there is a platform saddle on which you can build a small base to process the berries directly.

Planting narcoberries in beds.

Of course, the most effective way to collect narcoberries is to plant them in a bed."

It is best if you grow the Narcoberry beds in a greenhouse. The size of the greenhouse does not matter.

When building the greenhouse, you should pay particular attention to ensuring that the roof is made of glass. This is the only way to get the growth boost for the beds with Narcoberries.

Once the greenhouse is completed, it should be designed in such a way that you receive a boost effect of 300%. This allows you to quickly collect large amounts of Narcoberries.


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