Here you will find instructions for the optimal collection of wood

In Ark: Survival Ascended, collecting wood is an important part of the game. Instead of collecting wood manually, you can be more efficient by using specific dinosaurs. In this article we introduce the best dinosaurs that will help you farm wood quickly and effectively.

The mammoth, an imposing giant, is characterized by its special properties.

You can effectively collect wood with the mammoth. While it is not the best animal for cutting wood directly, it does offer a significant reduction in weight. A stack of wood (100 pieces), which normally weighs 50 units of weight, is reduced to only 12.5 in the mammoth's inventory. This means you can transport four times more wood with the mammoth. You can learn the saddle for the mammoth in the game from level 31.

  • From level 31 : Learn the mammoth saddle.
  • Advantage : Significantly reduces the weight of wood.
  • Efficiency : A stack of wood (100 pieces) weighs only 12.5 instead of 50.
  • Tip : Ideal for transporting large quantities of wood.

The Casteroides, also known as the prehistoric beaver, is extremely effective when it comes to collecting wood.

With the Casteroides you can mine wood directly and also get some straw. It's important to skill for weight and melee damage to gather wood efficiently. Similar to the Mammut, the Casteroides also offers a weight reduction: a stack of wood (100 pieces) has a weight of 25, so the weight is reduced by half. The saddle for the Casteroides can only be learned from level 61 in the game.

  • From level 61 : Unlock saddle.
  • Benefit : Halves the weight of wood in inventory.
  • Efficiency : Direct extraction of wood and extraction of straw.
  • Tip : Skill for weight and melee damage for maximum efficiency.

The Therizinosaurus, a dangerous fellow, is also ideal for farming wood and fiber.

The Therizinosaurus is a good alternative to the Casteroides for wood farming. When combined with the Mammoth, significant amounts of wood can be obtained. You can learn the saddle for the Therizinosaurus in the game from level 69.

  • From level 69 : Unlock saddle.
  • Advantage : Good for farming wood and fiber.
  • Tip : Combine it with the Mammoth for extra efficiency.

Farming afk wood

It's best to build an enclosure that has enough space for trees to spawn in it. Then set your Casteroides to 'Hiking'. He will wander around the enclosure and take down every tree he passes. All you have to do is empty your inventory sometimes.

  • Build enclosure : Make sure trees can spawn in the enclosure.
  • Set Casteroides to 'Wander' : He automatically collects wood.
  • Maintenance : Empty his inventory regularly.


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