In Formula 1, engine performance is a cornerstone of a team's success. However, for some teams it is not financially feasible to develop their own engine. This raises the question: Which team will use which engine?

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Not all Formula 1 teams produce their own engines. Many of the smaller teams purchase engines from larger factory teams. Below you will find a list that gives you an overview of all engines and teams in the F1 24 game:

  • Honda/Red Bull Powertrains V6 turbo engine: Red Bull, RB (formerly: AlphaTauri)
  • Mercedes V6 turbo engine: Mercedes, McLaren, Aston Martin, Williams
  • Ferrari V6 turbo engine: Ferrari, Kick Sauber (formerly: Alfa Romeo), Haas
  • Renault V6 turbo engine: Alpine

What is the Best Engine in EA's F1 24 Game?

In F1 24's My Team career mode, it is necessary to select an engine for your vehicle. It is not yet possible to estimate whether major changes in engine performance await us this season. The first tests of the new cars took place in February 2024.

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