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RimWorld: Best Hospital Setup

The hospital in RimWorld is one of the essential rooms of your colony. Without an effective one, the recovery of your colonists will take even longer. You can learn how to set up an optimal hospital in this post.

Cities Skylines 2: How Big is the Map?

The size of the map in Cities: Skylines 2 has already caused great discrepancy in the player community before release. In this post, we'll get to the bottom of it and finally clarify how big you can build in C:S 2!

Cities Skylines 2: Release Date in October 2023

Colossal Order has finally announced the release date for CS: 2. In addition, a first gameplay trailer was released, from which many details can be confirmed.

Cities Skylines 2: All Editions and Pre-Order Bonus

This autumn CS: 2 will be officially released. An Ultimate Edition and the first DLC have already been announced. What is included in the different game versions? You can find out in this post!

Cities Skylines 2: All New (and Old) Features of the City Building Simulation

A whole series of new features will find their way into Cities: Skylines 2. Over the next few months, Paradox Interactive will be going into more detail about certain features. You can find the schedule in this post.

Cities Skylines 2: All Expansions at a Glance

Here you get an overview of all the major Cities: Skylines II DLCs and what new features they bring.

Cities Skylines 2: System Requirements - This is the PC You Need in Autumn 2023

The release date of CS: 2 is now official. This also means that the system requirements for PC players can be seen everywhere. You can find out here, which PC you need to play properly in October.