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RimWorld: How to Get Cloth and Produce Clothing

Fabrics and leather play an important role in RimWorld, because they can be used to make warm clothing for your colonists. This is not only important in the winter when the temperature is below zero, but also in summer.

League of Legends: New Terms for Item Stats in Season 11

There will be a huge rework of the item shop including all items in preseason 11. Many items get completely new effects and are almost unrecognizable. In addition, new terms such as ability haste, or omni vamp come into play. What does that mean?

League of Legends: All Ranks and Ranked System Explained

In order to measure yourself against other players in LoL, there is a ranked system with 9 different ranks. In ranked you will always be thrown into a match with similarly strong players. But how does it actually work?

Shakes & Fidget: Benefits of the Wheel of Fortune 2.0

Right from the start it is possible to spin the "Dr. Abawuwu's Fortune Apparatus". The wheel of fortune wins you various random prizes, including mushrooms! It can be upgraded later in the game, but what is the point?

League of Legends: Ranked Distribution in S10 Indicates Plentiful New Players

About a year ago I compared the ranked distribution in League of Legends of S8 with S9. A lot has happened again this year and that's why we're taking a closer look at S9 compared to S10.

F1 Game: Engine and Wear Explained

During a F1 season, the number of engine parts that are free of penalty is limited - so it is important to manage them well. This guide explains the functionality and problems with wear on the engine components.

Shakes & Fidget: New "Druid" can Switch Between Classes

At the virtual Oktoberfest in Shakes & Fidget you can not only drink beer for free, but also select the new druid as a class to play.
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