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Cities Skylines 2: When Does It Release?

The hype could not be greater: Eight years after the release of Cities Skylines, the successor has now been officially announced. Watch the first video and get all the information in this post.

GFXBench - How to Test the Performance of Your Graphics Card

With GFXBench you can test the performance of your graphics card for games and compare it with other GPUs on the GFXBench website.

How to Change Your Minecraft Version and Increase RAM

What can you do if your game is completely lagging? Playing Minecraft with lag is neither fun nor easy on the eyes. Increasing the RAM is one possible solution to this problem. Here you will also learn how to change the patch of your installation.

Hard Drive Full? Quickly Review Large Files With WinDirStat

With the program WinDirStat you can find large, memory-intensive files in no time and delete them if necessary. This way you will have a lot of free disk space available again in a short time.

Cities Skylines: How to Increase the Level of Your Buildings

To increase the level of your buildings, certain requirements must be met. In this post you'll learn what leveling your buildings does for your city and how you can do that in the easiest way.

Shakes & Fidget: Hellevator Guide

The Hellevator in Shakes & Fidget is a sporadic guild event where you can compete against 500 opponents in a "hell elevator" and collect rewards. Find out how the Hellevator works in this post.

Shakes & Fidget: Last International Game World W60 is Launched!

After W60 started yesterday with huge performance problems, everything seems to be running normally again. You can read all about the new server in this post.