Here you can find all possible spawn points for the Spirits and potentially golden Spirits for Talent Token in the world of Cursed City in Anime Champions Simulator.

Cosmic Summon in Spirit Town

Anime Champions Simulator - Cosmic Summon by Ancient Stone in Spirit Town
You can get a Cosmic Summon in the Update 2 of Anime Champions Simulator through a sidequest that is started by an Ancient Rock.You can find this starting point and the Ancient Stones you have to interact with here.

Golden spirit

The Golden Spirit can occupy any of the following normal Spirit spawn points.

To get this golden spirit, you have to click on it a total of three times.

After each click he will appear at one of the other spawn points until you catch him three times.

With every click you get talent tokens.

The last click gives you significantly more talent tokens, but then the golden spirit is gone again.

Talent tokens

Talent Tokens are a resource in Anime Champions that you can use to reroll your champions' talents.

You can lock talents of your champions so that they are not re-rolled, but this makes each re-roll significantly more expensive.

Accordingly, it makes sense to farm a good amount of talent tokens so that you can immediately equip new champions with very good talents

Spirits in Cursed City

I farmed the Spirits in Cursed City for a few hours and was able to discover the following spawn points.

It's entirely possible that there are other spawn points that I haven't encountered yet.

If there are any other spawn points that you notice, I will of course update the article.


The first spirit spawn is relatively close to the start of the zone.

There the spirit is located across from the football field, behind a house.


The spawn of the second spirit is right next to the first spawn.

The spirit can only be located one house away.


For the third spawn, all you have to do is go down the stairs.

There you can already see the spirit on the lower level, the sewers, if you align the camera angle correctly.

There the spirit sits under a tube.


The fourth spirit is sitting on the upper level again, behind a dumpster.

In the picture you can even see the pipe under which the third spawn can be located.


The fifth spawn is also very close again.

This spirit can be sitting behind a barrier between a few police cars.


For the sixth spirit spawn you need to move to the other side of the street.

This spirit can sit between two houses and wait for you.


The seventh spawn point of the spirit is to the right of the mission building.

There the spirit sits behind a tree.


The spawn of the eighth spirit is exactly on the other side, i.e. the left side, of the building.

The spirit is sitting there in front of a few containers.


For the ninth spirit you have to look towards the sewers again.

There this spirit is located directly below the parking lot on the sewer wall.


You will find the tenth Spirit, an addition, right at the beginning of the zone.


The eleventh Spirit, another addition, is again in the sewers, below the position of the 6th Spirit.


The twelfth Spirit is near the Mission building, a bit in front, next to a dumpster.


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