Here you can find all possible spawn points for the Spirits and potentially golden Spirits for Talent Token in the Pirate Town world in Anime Champions Simulator.

Spirits in Cursed City

Anime Champions - Find Spirit in Cursed City
Here you can find all possible spawn points for the Spirits and potentially golden Spirits in the world of Cursed City.

Cosmic Summon in Spirit Town

Anime Champions Simulator - Cosmic Summon by Ancient Stone in Spirit Town
You can get a Cosmic Summon in the Update 2 of Anime Champions Simulator through a sidequest that is started by an Ancient Rock.You can find this starting point and the Ancient Stones you have to interact with here.

Golden Spirit

Each of the following spawn points of the normal spirit can also be a spawn point for a golden spirit.

This golden spirit gives you a few talent tokens every time you click on it.

If you have clicked on him a total of three times, you will get significantly more talent tokens and you have essentially defeated him.

Talent Token

Spritis in Anime Champions Simulator give you Talent Tokens.

You can use these to reroll your champions' talents.

The more talents you lock on your champions so they can't be rolled over, the more expensive each individual reroll becomes.

That's why it's important that you farm enough talent tokens so that you can always equip your new champions with the perfect talents immediately.



You will find the first spirit behind a few crates on the left side of the zone.

There behind a green house.


You can find the second spirit on the upper level, directly in front of a blue screen.


You can find the third spirit behind the large statue on the upper level, behind it on the right, behind a few crates.


The fourth Spirit is a little further, towards the green cannons, on the left, behind a red awning.


The fifth spirit is at the start of the zone, straight ahead, behind a red awning.


You can find the sixth spirit in front of the large gate with the DPS check, behind the right green cannon.


The seventh spirit is behind some crates, on the stairs that connect the lower and upper levels.


The eighth spawn point, where you will also already see a golden Spirit, is below the green cannons, in front of some barrels.


The ninth Spirit is in front of the large statue on the left, behind a blue screen.


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