New for Season 12 are Objective Bounties, which give the losing team a small gold boost when slaying epic monsters and turrets. In this post you will learn how these Objective Bounties work and how much gold they give.

Once the Turret Platings fall at minute 14, the Objective Bounty is available. This gives the team at a disadvantage a bonus on objective kills.

When Does a Team Get Objective Bounties?

From the 14th minute, the difference between the teams is calculated. If the difference between the blue and red side is large enough, objective bounties will activate for the team at a disadvantage.

The objective bounty is not activated for a team that is just a little behind in gold. If both teams are roughly equal, there are no objective bounties at all.

Objective Bounties on the mini map in League of Legends.
The objectives for which your team can earn the objective bounty are bordered in gold.

The decisive factors for the objective bounty are:

  • Difference in team experience
  • Difference in team gold
  • Difference in drake kills
  • Difference in destroyed towers
Tooltip for Objective Bounties in League of Legends.
The objective bounty will be explained to you when you hover your mouse over the icon in the lower right corner of the mini-map.

How Much Gold Give Objective Bounties

The amount of the objective bounty depends on how much the losing team is currently at a disadvantage. The losing team can collect the bounties for the following objectives:

  • (Elder) Dragons: 500g-800g
  • Baron/Rift Herald: 500g-800g
  • Outer Towers: 250g-400g
  • Inner/Nexus Towers: 400g-640g

The bonus gold for the objective is global for the losing team, which means that each player on the losing team gets e.g. between 100g-160g for a dragon.

Amount of the objective bounty on the scoreboard in League of Legends.
On the scoreboard you can see how much bonus gold the losing team gets for dragon, baron, outer and inner towers.