Here we show you where you can find amber, ruby, sapphire and malachite in Lego Fortnite.

The rare gems are an important component in Lego Fortnite. We need them to enchant our tools and weapons so that they have more durability or cause more damage and much more. Here we show you where to find them.

Raw Amber

Raw Amber can be found in the Dry Valley at the Mesa Mountains. To reach it, it is useful to use one of the geysers or to build a grapple to climb the high mesa mountains.

Raw Amber

When mining, you always get two raw ambers, so you should always take some wood or granite with you to work your way to the next deposit.

Cold jewelry

We recommend crafting cold jewelry when you go to Dry Valley and visit the lava caves to protect you from hot temperatures.

As an alternative to jewelry, we can eat the snowberry. This offers us moderate heat resistance.

Rough Ruby

To get raw ruby, we also have to go to the Dry Valley. There we have to enter one of the many caves where we see red gemstones on the walls.

Rough Ruby

These give us rubies when mined. As with amber, we also get two raw rubies when mining the red gemstones.

Rough Sapphire

To get raw sapphire, we have to go to the Frostlands. There, like with the rubies, we find blue gemstones on the walls of the caves.

Rough Sapphire

Here, too, we get two raw sapphires when mining the blue gemstones.


To get malachite, we have to go to the Frostlands. There we see mighty glaciers that we have to climb because up there we will find malachite.

When mining the green gems we get seven malachite.

Lucky charm

When entering the Frostlands, you should create the Charm of Inner Fire, as the temperatures are extremely low, especially in the ice caves.

Another alternative to the lucky charm would be two foods that we can grow and produce.

The easiest way to make Spicy Burger is to have a cow in your village and put chili in the stable for it to eat.


To make a spicy burger this way, we only need three hot chilies. The process takes just over a minute and you'll have a burger.