Where to find copper, iron and obsidian in Lego Fortnite.

In Lego Fortnite, collecting resources is an important part of the game. Here we show you where to find the ore deposits and what useful things you should take with you.


To get copper, we have to go to the Dry Valley and explore the lava caves there. There we can find some important materials, such as copper and obsidian.

Copper is an important resource. We need it to build weapons, tools and various objects.

When mining the deposit we get seven iron, as with most types of ore.


We also find obsidian in the lava caves in the Dry Valley, mostly on the walls and ceiling of the cave. To mine obsidian, we need a toughwood pickaxe or better.

When mining the deposit we get seven obsidian.

Toughwood Pickaxe

Obsidian can be mined with a toughwood pickaxe or better.

Cold jewelry

We recommend crafting cold jewelry when you go to Dry Valley and visit the lava caves to protect you from hot temperatures.

As an alternative to jewelry, we can eat the snowberry. This offers us moderate heat resistance.


To find iron, you have to go to the Frostlands and visit one of the many ice caves. It's best to take something with you to protect yourself from the cold temperatures, as it can get very cold there, especially at night.

As with the other ores, we get seven irons here.

Obsidian Pickaxe

Obsidian can be mined with an obsidian pickaxe. It is best to enchant this with durability so that you can mine more deposits.

Lucky charm

When entering the Frostlands, you should create the Charm of Inner Fire, as the temperatures are extremely low, especially in the ice caves.

Another alternative to the lucky charm would be two foods that we can grow and produce.

The easiest way to make Spicy Burger is to have a cow in your village and put chili in the stable for it to eat.


To make a spicy burger this way, we only need three hot chilies. The process takes just over a minute and you'll have a burger.