Here you can find all the monsters you can encounter in Lethal Company, where you can find them, what you can do against them and how they behave.

Monsters in the open air


Manticoil are winged enemies that you can encounter outdoors.

They either fly around in small flocks or sit on the ground.

The Manticoil are one of the few enemies that pose absolutely no threat to you.

Roaming Locust

Roaming Locust is a swarm of insects that you can walk into and pose no threat to you.

Once you reach the swarm, it will disperse.

Another of the few harmless enemies.

Circuit Bee

Circuit Bees at the hive
Circuit Bees chasing a player

The Curcuit Bee are swarms of bees that you can find outdoors.

They guard their hive and attack you as soon as you get too close.

However, their beehive gives you a good reward if you manage to steal it from them.

If you do this, the Circuit Bees will fly around wildly and attack anything that gets in their way.

If you close the door to your spaceship, the Circuit Bees will no longer be able to follow you. However, if you don't close the door, they can come into your ship and continue attacking you.

It's easiest to get the hive with at least 2 people.

One lures the bees away and the other takes the hive.

It's best to do this when you want to leave the moon anyway, so that you don't take unnecessary damage if you still want to explore.

Forest Giant

The Forest Giant is a huge tree-like creature that you can encounter once the sun has set.

They can both hear you and see you from a long distance.

The best way to avoid them is to sneak slowly and out of their field of vision.

You'll hear the Forest Giant before you can see it.

Here's how you can prepare for him.

If a Forest Giant has caught you, it can still be stunned and let you fall again - with a stun grenade, for example.

Inside your ship you are safe from the Forest Giant.

Baboon Hawk

Baboon Hawk are initially passive monsters that appear in a group.

If you threaten them or get too close, they will attack you.

If you stay away from them and don't do anything to them, they will usually ignore you completely.

Earth Leviathan

Earth Leviathan shortly before his attack

The Earth Leviathan is a gigantic worm that you can encounter outside as soon as it gets dark.

If you hear a rumble, the Earth Leviathan is near you and is trying to get you.

Change your direction as the Earth Leviathan tries to predict your direction.

You can see this as a big red dot on the monitor in the ship, even if you can't hear or see it yet.

With a lot of luck or a well thought out strategy, the Earth Leviathan can even eat a Forest Giant that is currently chasing you or is even in its animation where it will eat you.

Eyeless Dog

Eyeless Dogs are dog-like creatures that have no eyes and therefore cannot see you.

They can meet you outside in the dark and only hear you.

As long as you sneak, you can safely move around the Eyeless Dog.

However, if he hears you, he will charge at you and will chase you for a while or until he catches you, which will kill you.

Tulip Snake

Tulip Snake on a Player

You will encounter Tulip Snakes outdoors and during daytime.

They do not harm you directly, but will attach themselves to you and try to fly with you.

As long as only 1 Tulip Snake is attached to you, it is not strong enough to fly with you.

However, as soon as 2 or more Tulip Snakes are attached to you, they can take off with you and drop you, which can cause you falling damage.

A simple hit with a shovel or a stop sign can already defeat a Tulip Snake that is attached to you.

Old Bird

Old Bird in Searching Mode

he Old Bird is a robot that is in inactive mode on the moon before you land on it.

The Old Bird is activated after a set time or when the Apparatus is removed from the Facility.

The Old Bird shoots missiles when you are close enough to it and charges at you when you are too far away and can stomp on you, which also deals damage.

If you move out of the Old Bird's line of sight, it will stop following you after a while and may fly away.

Monsters inside


The Bracken, or Tree Man, has a humanoid shape and glowing white eyes that you can see even in the dark.

He tries to sneak up on you and take you from behind.

If you see him, he will move away from you again as long as you don't stare at him - if you do, he will run towards you and kill you.

So keep looking away until you can no longer see him.

Be careful though, because he will try to chase you again after a short while.

Bunker Spider

Bunker Spider on the wall
Bunker Spider on the hunt

The Bunker Spider is a large spider that you can already predict by cobwebs in the corridors.

You can destroy these spider webs because they will slow you down and alert the Bunker Spiders to you.

The Bunker Spider is not very dangerous as long as you have a weapon and a railing nearby that you can escape to and fight it safely from there.

If you escape from the Bunker Spider, after a while you will give up the chase and return to its webs - although it can open doors during the chase!


Hygrodere slowly moving towards me
On the railing, safe from the Hygrodere

Hygroders are slimes that move towards you very slowly.

You can jump over them or run past them using a railing.

They cannot be hurt and will kill you instantly as soon as you touch them, so still be careful.

Spore Lizard

The Spore Lizard is a passive lizard that stands out with its large mouth.

As long as you don't threaten or back yourself into a corner, she won't attack you and wag her tail like a dog when you're near her.

If you harass, she will shoot a pink mist that will damage you or attack you

Hoarding bug

Hoarding Bugs are beetle-like monsters and initially appear passive.

They steal items that you throw on the ground and will attack you if you try to steal their items from them again.

The Hoarding Bug will not be able to kill you in one attack and can be defeated by you.

Snare Flea

Snare flea on the ceiling
Snare flea on the floor
Snare flea on a player

The Snare Flea is a beetle that lurks on the ceiling.

He will drop down when you are near him and will try to latch onto your head.

You will lose all the items you are carrying and slowly suffer damage.

You or a friend can use an attack to remove it from your head.

You can detect the Snare Flea before it attacks and overwhelm it with a weapon.


The Thumper is a creature with long arms and a shark-like head.

He can't hear you, but he can see you and will charge straight towards you at high speed.

He will kill you immediately if he catches you. However, you can avoid it by running around a corner or jumping onto a railing.

From the railing you can fight him relatively safely with a weapon.


Masked can appear on more difficult moons and look like a player.

Masks can also appear as loot on later or more difficult moons.

If you collect a mask and have actively selected it, there is a chance that the mask will take possession of you and make you a Masked.

This chance is increased if you are still using the mask.

A Masked will try to grab you and turn you into a Masked too.

But he can be fought and killed.

Ghost Girl

The Ghost Girl can appear on more difficult moons.

It only follows one player at a time and the Ghost Girl can only see them.

At first the Ghost Girl will just stand around and jump around.

As soon as it starts running towards you, you have to run because you are not safe anywhere.

The Ghost Girl follows you outside and into your ship and cannot be killed.

Coil head

The Coil-Head is a mannequin with a head that sits on a spring.

When no one is looking at the coil head, it moves towards you at breakneck speed.

As soon as eye contact is made with him, he immediately stops and his head wobbles back and forth a little on the spring.

Escape works best with a friend if one person always maintains eye contact and the other can closely examine the route to escape.

The Coil-Head cannot be attacked or killed. So escape is the only option.


Closed Jester

A Jester can only be found on more difficult moons.

He's a jack-in-the-box monster with arms and legs.

He runs around and is initially a passive monster until he starts turning his crank.

Now it's high time to flee, because you still have about 20 seconds until his skull pops out of the box.

If the Jester is in this state, he will sprint towards you unstoppably and will kill you.

If you escape or die, the Jester will continue hunting until he kills all players in the building or all players leave the building.


The Eye of the Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is a wooden puppet with a shotgun and a hidden eye that can be dealt damage when its head is raised.

The eye only appears when the Nutcracker stops so the eye can look around.

The Nutcracker can be heard through the clattering sounds of wood.

As soon as the Nutcracker senses your movement while looking around, he will charge at you and shoot you.

After the Nutcracker fires 2 shots, it will need to reload, which will buy you time.

While his eye appears, you can damage and even kill him.

If you manage to do that, you can take his shotgun and 2 cartridges and use them yourself.


Butler in his passive state

The butler is rather passive and equipped with a broom as long as there are several players around him.

As soon as only 1 player is with him, he switches to his aggressive status, where he pulls out a kitchen knife and attacks you.

If you kill the butler, it bursts and Mask Hornets appear, which also attack you and are invincible.


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