I have briefly summarized the best or most popular mods from Lethal Company in this article.

Install mods

First, a quick reference to how you can install mods.

Lethal Company: Install Mods
Download Mods are an essential part of Lethal Company. You can find out how to install a mod for more than 4 players and how to set it up step by step here. We will also test whether the mods work.

More Company

With MoreCompany you can play with more than 4 players at the same time.

Of course, this mod makes the most sense if you really want to play with more than 4 players.

Reserved item slot

From Reserved Item Slot there are different mods that you can choose from.

Of course, you can also install all Reserved Item Slot Mods, depending on how you like it or whether it doesn't make the game too easy for you.

This means you can loot as many items as possible and still take the important tools with you.

Reserved Flashlight Slot

Reserved Flashlight Slot gives you an extra slot for your flashlight, which you can always switch on and off regardless of the active item.

Reserved walkie slot

With Reserved Walkie Slot you get an extra slot for your radio. This means you can use the radio at any time without having to actively equip it.

Reserved spray paint slot

Reserved Spray Paint gives you an extra slot for your spray can.

If you want to use this to mark corridors or friends you have visited, this mod can be very helpful.

Reserved weapon slot

With Reserved Weapon Slot you get an extra slot for your weapon. This allows you to equip all common weapons and even weapons from other mods are supported.


With Skinwalkers, the mimics in your world have the opportunity to imitate the real voices of your friends.

This really creates a lot of fun and confusion when a mimic suddenly sounds like one of your friends.

Ship Loot

With ShipLoot, it instantly shows you the total value of your loot on your ship, without having to find the right angle or having some items out of reach for the scan.

A significant simplification when it comes to the quota to be achieved.


Helmet_Cameras gives you the opportunity to directly see the view of your friends in the ship.

This means that the person on the ship can see much better what is going on with their comrades and can also inform them better about what is happening.


More_Emotes simply gives you a few more emotes that you can use to have more fun.

Not an essential addition, but still good for a laugh or two.

Monster Guide

Lethal Company - All the monsters and what you can do against them
Here you can find all the monsters you can encounter in Lethal Company, where you can find them, what you can do against them and how they behave.


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