In this article you will learn how the Crucifix works in the Progression 2.0 update and what tiers of it are available.


The Crucifix can be a real lifesaver.

It ensures that a ghost who is about to start a hunt is prevented from doing so.

This requires the Crucifix to be within a certain radius of the ghost's current position.

If this requirement is met, one use of the Crucifix will consume itself until it is completely consumed.

This process can happen both when the Crucifix is lying on the ground and when you are actively holding it.

The Crucifix has a higher range if the chasing spirit is a demon, which is that spirit's weakness.

Tier 1

The first tier of the Crucifix has a moderate range of 3 meters.

However, this tier of the Crucifix only has a single use, meaning once it's activated, it's completely consumed.

By used up we mean used up, so you'll have to buy it new once you've used it.

It can still save your life in critical situations and you should always take at least one of them with you and use them.

Tier 2

The second tier of Crucifix, with its longer range, covers a much more comfortable area from which you are protected from a spirit hunt.

In percentage terms, this is probably one of the largest increases in upgrades.

The Tier 2 Crucifix gets the double charges, so 2.

This can be very helpful, especially when examining the spirit's behavior more closely, since you save a complete item compared to the first tier and get an even greater range of the Crucifix.

Tier 3

But the third tier of the crucifix has it all again.

The range will be further increased, which will ensure an even safer investigation of the ghost room.

The charges remain the same with 2 as with the 2nd tier.

An additional quality of this tier then is that it can hold a cursed hunt.

Above all, this can mean an enormous time-saving if you can use the cursed property to test a special behavior of the ghost or even identify it clearly with it, but can completely negate the disadvantage of using it.

In addition, you can bring up to 2 of these crucifixes with you and then even use 2 cursed possessions or just one more than once, such as the monkey paw and you hereby not only save time but of course also get caught in danger during the cursed hunt become.

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