In this article you will learn how the Flashlight works in the Progression 2.0 update and what tiers of it are available.


The flashlight has exactly the benefit that is to be expected.

It illuminates the darkness and helps you to find your way better.

In addition, you can go much better with her on the search for the bone and see the cursed possessions from a greater distance if you don't know exactly where they are.

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Tier 1

The first stage of the flashlight just about serves its purpose.

The cone of light that it emits is relatively small and the light intensity is still very low.

As you can see in the accompanying image, much of the screen is still completely dark and you have to move around a lot to see all corners of the room clearly.

While it's better than seeing nothing at all, it's significantly better if you use it to locate the light switch in the room and then use that light source to guide you.

Tier 2

The 2nd tier of the flashlight also has a similarly large light cone as its predecessor, but it has a much more pleasant intensity.

This allows you to see objects or even the ghost at a greater distance.

Also, at this tier, you are able to see other items of evidence better, so you don't have to put yourself in unnecessary danger to check the spirit book, which you would otherwise have to go directly to see the interaction on it.

Tier 3

The third stage of the flashlight improves again noticeably here.

The light cone is a fair bit larger, illuminating a much larger area.

The light intensity is also a fair bit brighter, allowing you to see the ghost at a much further distance, even while it's hunting.

This allows you to see certain peculiarities of the ghost, like blinking or shape, from a much safer distance.

An absolute recommendation of this tier of the flashlight, if you already like to play with a flashlight.

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