Here you will find the cursed possessions in Port Hope with a map on which each item is precisely marked.

Hidden Easter Egg in Point Hope

A hidden Easter Egg to unlock a Player ID Card

Phasmophobia: Point Hope hidden Easter Egg
The hidden Easter Egg for Point Hope to unlock another ID card motif and a special badge can be found here.

1. floor

The tarot cards are on the first floor.

3rd floor

On the 3rd floor you will find the haunted mirror.

4th floor

The Ouija board is on the 4th floor.

5th floor

In the bathroom on the 5th floor is the summoning circle

6th floor

On the 6th floor you will find the Music box.

7th floor

The voodoo doll is on the 7th floor.

8th floor

For the monkey's paw you have to go to the 8th floor.

Monkey Paw

On the second to last floor, the 8th floor, you will find the monkey's paw.

This is lying on a table next to a rocking horse.

The table is located right next to the stairs for further ascent in Point Hope.

The monkey's paw in Point Hope on a table

Summoning Circle

You can find the summoning circle on the 5th floor of Point Hope.

The room on this level is the bathroom.

In the middle of the room you will find the summoning circle in front of the bathtub and next to the toilet.

Summoning Circle in Point Hope

Haunted Mirror

The Haunted Mirror in Point Hope can be found on the 3rd floor of the lighthouse.

This floor can be identified by the broken wine bottle on the floor that has leaked.

The mirror is behind the roundel, which contains more wine bottles.

Haunted mirror in Point Hope

Music Box

On the 6th floor of Point Hope you will find the Music Box.

In this bedroom the Music Box is on the table on the right side after entering the room.

Music Box in Point Hope

Ouija board

For the Ouija board in Point Hope you have to go to the 4th floor.

You can recognize this floor by the pool table in this room.

The Ouija board is on the round shelf in the middle of the room.

Ouija board in Point Hope

Tarot cards

You will find the tarot cards directly on the first level of Point Hope if you go into the large room to the right.

There they lie on a small table between the two green sofas.

The Tarot Cards in Point Hope

Voodoo doll

For the voodoo doll in Point Hope you have to go to the 7th floor.

The children's room is on this level.

Go straight through the room and you will find the voodoo doll on a wooden box next to a pirate hat.

Voodoo doll in Point Hope on a wooden box


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