The hidden Easter Egg for Point Hope to unlock another ID card motif and a special badge can be found here.

With the introduction of the new map Point Hope, 2 new unlockable player ID card designs and special badges have been added.

The first of these was already described in the patch notes; for this you simply have to successfully complete 50 games on Point Hope, i.e. identify the right ghost.

This may take some time, but it will come naturally once you play the game for a while.

Hidden Easter Egg

The second unlockable player ID card motif and the special badge that goes with it are not described and so you have to do a few specific things in Point Hope to unlock these badges.


When you start the game, you definitely need a UV lamp, the level is not important, I did it with the 2nd level, i.e. the UV stick.

A flashlight to see better is also recommended.

You do not have to correctly identify the ghost to unlock this card motif and the difficulty is not relevant either.

Therefore, you should make a custom difficulty where you are fast and the ghost is a friendly ghost so that you can do everything in peace.

Pictures on the wall

First you have to go to the 4th floor of Point Hope, where the pool table is located.

There are three pictures hanging on the wall, each coloured green, blue and orange.

The order from left to right is important.

The colors then define the following billiard balls that you have to sink into the billiard table.

Murals that set the colors for the billiard balls

Billiard Table

The colors are always the same, which is why I have marked the individual colors in the correct order here.

Billiard balls in the correct order

In order to throw the balls into the hole correctly, you have to aim quite high so that the balls have enough momentum.

So look at about this height and you should be able to sink the balls.

If you have done everything correctly, you will hear a clinking sound and find a key in the ball box of the pool table.

Key in the pool table

To be on the safe side, you will also see it in your journal.


Now go to the 8th floor.

8th floor at Point Hope

In it you will find a Cogwheel behind the leaked red paint bucket.

Cogwheel behind the paint bucket

Now go up one more floor.

9th floor at Point Hope

There is a locked cupboard there.

Closet on the 9th floor

You can now easily open it because you already have the key.

Use the Cogwheel in the designated place.

Cogwheel installed in the cabinet

Then these two gears start to turn and you hear three quick cracks in a row.


This is the signal to go back down and outside.

There is a bell in front of the entrance to the lighthouse.

Bell outside the lighthouse

You now have to press this button three times to make a hissing sound.

Now you have to go to the highest level of Point Hope with your UV lamp.

10th floor at Point Hope

There you can see the hissing sound that the bell made.

A fire in the distance with the letters UV.

Fire with UV

Now take your UV lamp in your hand and shine it on the lamp in the lighthouse.

Lamp in the lighthouse

You may need to walk with the lamp for a while until you have charged it and it has turned purple.

The lamp should then look like this.

Colored lamp

If you succeed, you will always see floating bodies outside the lighthouse in the cone of light from the colored lamp.

UV Ghosts

You have now successfully completed all required steps and can leave Point Hope again.

As already mentioned, you don't have to find the right spirit and can simply drive again.


As soon as you return to the lobby, a window pops up rewarding you with your new ID card.

This is what the card motif with the special badge looks like.

ID card motif with special badge

Cursed Possessions in Point Hope

Phasmophobia - Cursed Posessions in Point Hope with map
Here you will find the cursed possessions in Port Hope with a map on which each item is precisely marked.


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