In this article, I would like to show you where the Cursed Posessions are located in Tanglewood Drive.

Here you can see an overview map of Tanglewood Drive.

I'll show you exactly where the individual cursed objects are located using pictures of the detailed locations.

Tanglewood Drive First Floor
Tanglewood Drive Basement

Monkey Paw

You can find the Monkey Paw in Tanglewood Drive on the first floor if you follow the hallway after entering the place and turn right in the living room into the kitchen and dining room.

The Monkey Paw is in a glass cabinet there if you open the right door of it.

Summoning Circle

The Summoning Circle in Tanglewood Drive is in the basement of the place.

You can get there when you enter the place and turn right in the living room towards the kitchen.

Before that, go left, down the stairs and get to the basement.

The Summoning Circle is there, just to the right.

Haunted Mirror

After entering the house from Tanglewood Drive, follow the hallway straight ahead and take the second path that leads to the left.

There you will find the Haunted Mirror hanging directly on the wall.

Music Box

You can find the Music Box in the children's room on Tanglewood Drive.

You will find this after you take the first aisle that turns left and then turn right again.

Then go through the door at the end of this hallway and you will find yourself in the children's room.

If you look to the left here, you will see a board on the wall with the Music Box on it.

Ouija board

You can find the Ouija board in the basement of Tanglewood Drive.

You can get there if you enter the place, follow the hallway and, before reaching the living room, turn 90 degrees to the right towards the dining room.

The next door on the left takes you directly into the basement of the house.

When you get there, go all the way to the back of this room and you will find a Ouija board on a small table.

Tarot cards

You can find the tarot cards in Tanglewood Drive in the living room.

After entering the house, simply follow the hallway straight ahead until you reach the end.

There you then go to the right, past the couch and find the tarot cards directly on your small table in the corner of the room.

Voodoo doll

You can find the last cursed item, the voodoo doll, in the garage.

You can find this if you follow the hallway after entering the place and turn right in front of the living room.

The next door on the right leads you into a gap, which in turn leads you into the garage.

There, turned left, the voodoo doll is lying on a garbage can.


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