In this article you will learn how the Ghost Writing Book works in the Progression 2.0 update and what tiers of it are available.


The Ghost Writing Book can often be a bit annoying as the spirit tends to interact with it less than with the other items of evidence.

What's new now is that you can see the range of the Ghost Writing Book when you place it on the ground.

The ghost can also interact with the Ghost Writing Book in another way, and that's knocking it over if the ghost doesn't have that evidence active!

Tier 1

The first tier of the Ghost Writing Book is still a very sparse version.

The Range is relatively small and what is even worse is that the interaction rate is low.

As a result, it can sometimes take you some time until the spirit is immortalized in it.

It is best to bring the Ghost Writing Book to the spirit room as soon as you have found it, so that the spirit has maximum time to interact with the Ghost Writing Book and you don't have to wait for it at the end.

Tier 2

The changes of the 2nd Tier of the Ghost Writing Book are actually explained quickly.

The range is increased and the interaction rate as well.

You can see the range radius in the picture taken in the Tanglewood Drive garage.

This will pretty much cover the whole space in the middle of the garage, increasing your chances that the ghost will write in the Ghost Writing Book if they have that kind of evidence.

However, the medium interaction rate can mean that it sometimes takes a little longer for the spirit to move to write in the spirit book.

Tier 3

The 3rd and thus last tier of the spirit book increases the properties of the two predecessors again.

This gives you the maximum range and interaction rate you can get with this item.

The long range ensures that you can achieve relatively high coverage even in larger rooms or open corridors.

Due to the high interaction rate, it can happen that the ghost writes relatively quickly in the Ghost Writing Book after you have placed it.

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