In this article I will show you the wishes of Monkey Paw and their positive and negative effects.

The wishes of the monkey paw are divided into 3 different categories.


I wish to see the ghost


There's a ghost event happening near you.


The ghost appears near you for 5 seconds and then starts a cursed hunt. Your vision is dimmed during the hunt.

I wish for activity


Ghost activity is generally increased.


The fuse box will be permanently destroyed, and the exit door will be locked for 2 minutes.

I wish to trap the Ghost


The ghost is imprisoned in its ghost room for 1 minute.


Your vision will be temporarily obscured, and you will be locked in your current room for 1 minute.
After the time is up, a cursed hunt starts.


I wish to be Sane


The sanity of you and your fellow players is set to 50%.


The sanity drain is increased, and the ghost has a chance to change its ghost room.

I wish to be Safe


A blocked hiding spot near you becomes unblocked.


The lights in your current room are destroyed.

In addition, in each subsequent hunt, the ghost can hear you from any distance, and can also sense your electronic equipment from any distance.

I wish to leave


All exit doors will be opened immediately - even during a hunt!


Your vision and movement speed is reduced for 5 seconds.

Other wish to revive my friend


One of your dead teammates is revived.


There is a chance you will die in return.

I wish for Knowledge


As shown in the image, an evidence and its associated ghosts will be removed from your journal.


Your vision will be permanently obscured.
Also, your sound will get muffled, and a cursed hunt will start.

I wish for "weather"

Here again there are different versions of the wish.
These are:

I wish for sun

I wish for rain

I wish for clear sky

I wish fog

I wish for snow


The weather is set in the desired way.


Your vision will be darkened and you will lose 30% Sanity.

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