In this post, I will explain to you the general characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and the special powers of the spirit banshee and jinn, so that you can clearly identify and recognize the spirit.



Ghost Orb
D.O.T.S. Projector


The singing siren, known for attracting its victims through song. It has been known to single out its prey before making a killing blow.


A Banshee will weaken their target before striking.


Banshee's can sometimes be heard screaming with a parabolic microphone.

Hidden Powers of the Banshee

The Banshee will fixate on a target and only hunt that one.
Meanwhile, all other players are safe and can even walk through the Banshee without getting killed !
However, if the target is outside the house, then the Banshee hunts normally and is not particularly noticeable.
If the original target dies during the hunt, the Banshee will find a new target.

In addition, the Banshee has a special parabolic microphone sound, which sounds like a scream or the "Banshee scream", by which it can be clearly identified.

The Banshee can hunt once its target is at or below 50% Sanity.
The Banshee's overall hunt is dependent on their target's sanity, meaning that average sanity is irrelevant, like all other ghosts.

The Banshee will also haunt its target more often while moving around the house.



EMF Level 5
Freezing Temperatures


A Jinn is a territorial ghost that will attack when threatened. It has also been known to be able to travel at significant speed.


A Jinn will travel at a faster speed it its victim is far away.


Turning off the location's power source will prevent the Jinn from using its ability.

Hidden Powers of the Jinn

If the Jinn sees you during the hunt, and you are far away from him, he will charge towards you until he is very close to you.

Also, the Jinn's ability can instantly drain you of 25% Sanity.
When it does, the fuse box will give you an EMF signal.

Once the fuse box is turned off, the Jinn loses both the charge ability and the ability to drain your sanity.

Equipment Upgrades

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Identify the Ghost

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