The time has come! The progression update 2.0 of Phasmophobia has received an official release date.

Phasmophobia Ascension


The official release date is only a few days away.

What happens in Phasmophobia Ascension?

All game progress will be reset, including your hard-earned money.

Depending on the level you have reached, you will unlock a special badge before the update.


Furthermore, the level progress will be completely changed.

There should be much more money than before and you will unlock various equipment upgrades.

So far there has only been a brief preview of some of the equipment.

You can find a summary of the previews of the equipment changes so far here

Equipment Upgrades

Phasmophobia: All equipment upgrades
Progression 2.0 brings some new equipment upgrades, which you will get here in a general overview.


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