Currently it is melon time. It's warm and a delicious watermelon is really something special. That's probably why one or the other wonders how to cut open a melon or how to cut it at all. In this post, I share my method for slicing melons.

Prepare melon

Before I cut open a melon, I wash it thoroughly. I usually use a brush and a small drop of washing-up liquid. Don't worry, you won't taste the detergent. In this way, however, I avoid that possible intestinal bacteria, which like to settle on the melon skin, get on the pulp.

melon triangles

The easiest way to cut small triangles out of the melon is to first cut the melon in half and then split each half again to make quarters. If you already like this size, you can now process the quarters into melon triangles or you can halve the pieces again.

Now you cut off the sides of the melon. I usually cut these pieces separately and separate the flesh from the skin. You can cut the remaining piece into slices about 2 cm thick. Now you have wonderful melon triangles that are great to eat.

step by step