For the weekly challenge mode Speed Demons, you can find a description and a few tips on how to best proceed to complete it here.


In Weekly Challenge Mode, you must complete an alternate game variant three times to receive a huge reward of $5,000 and 5,000 experience.

Completion simply requires identifying the correct ghost. Even if you die but chose the correct ghost, it counts toward one of the three completions.

It works best in a group, but can also be played alone.

Some weekly challenges are more difficult than others and may require multiple attempts.

The advantage is that you are provided with all the equipment you need for the challenge, so you don't have to spend any money on the rounds.

The downside is that you have to play with the given equipment on the given map to complete it.

Speed Demons

The description suggests that it is unusual, and it may have an effect on you and your mind.

Description of the challenge


What this means exactly is that both the player speed and the ghost speed are greatly increased.

Additionally, there is both a high ghost event rate and a high ghost interaction rate.

The cursed item available to you here is the monkey's paw.


In terms of equipment, you have a mix of Tier 1 and Tier 2 items, with the evidence items being mostly Tier 2.

In addition, although you have the incense with which you could theoretically ward off the spirit, the igniter is missing, which makes the incense useless.

So you can't protect yourself very well from the ghost because the only thing you have at your disposal is the crucifix.


The ghost hunt takes place at Maple Lodge Campsite.

Tips on the process

Maple Lodge Campsite is one of the maps that has already been redesigned and therefore offers a more modern atmosphere.

There are many winding areas where you can hide or run around the corner to escape from the ghost.

Without the incense, you have to be a little more careful because the spirit is faster and can therefore catch you more easily if you try to hide.

Once you find the ghost room, quickly bring the crucifixes there to buy yourself more time to collect evidence.

The monkey's paw can be very helpful, especially when playing with friends or other people, to revive someone or to have evidence removed.


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