In this post I want to show you a detailed guide for the character Bulletstorm in the game Swarm Grinder.

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Swarm Grinder: Bulletstorm Build Guide
In diesem Beitrag möchte ich dir einen ausführlichen Guide für den Charakter Bulletstorm in dem Spiel Swarm Grinder zeigen.

The character Bulletstorm has the skill perk that each bullet fired from the same magazine with the Gatling Gun does 1 more damage than the previous one.

Therefore, a larger magazine size automatically brings you more damage.

You also get in Overcharge 1, +10% movement speed and in Overcharge 2 -33% Gatling Gun Attack Delay.

Main Weapon

Since the character starts with the Gatling Gun, it makes a lot of sense to upgrade it as soon as possible.

In this build it will also be the only active ability we use, as alone it becomes very fast, very powerful and can get you through the level.

As a first upgrade, I recommend Ricochet.

Your attacks will deal slightly less damage, but they will ricochet off another nearby enemy, effectively dealing damage and, most importantly, gaining more control over enemies.

To make up for the lost damage, your next upgrade for the Gatling Gun is the Rapid Fire Damage.

As a last upgrade for the Gatling Gun, I recommend Burst Gun.

This upgrade will reduce your clip size, but it will greatly decrease your local ability cooldown, which will also be very useful for the following ultimate ability upgrade.

This upgrade, Overheat, greatly increases your firing angle and increases your target count by 1, which provides massively increased enemy control and is a must-have.

However, your local cooldown also increases by +40%, but this is compensated for by some Burst Gun upgrades.

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Active and Passive skills

This build will only have passive additional abilities.

The 1st of these will be Detonator.

This gives your Gatling Gun attacks a chance to explode, which will control enemies extremely well, allowing you to quickly eliminate large waves of enemies.

Here you get Global Explosion Chance for a generally increased chance of explosions.

Also, if you take no damage for 15 seconds, you gain an invulnerability shield.

Once you have a total of 6 Detonate upgrades, you can claim the ultimate upgrade, Killer Queen.

This greatly increases the chance of explosions.

The order of the further passive upgrades is not too important to successfully pass the run, but they still bring relatively good properties.

Arsenal increases your Global Damage.

In addition, Heal on Kill, even at level 1, already has a very pleasant defensive aspect of healing for each enemy killed.

Lucky Charm brings you increased critical hit chance.

Critical Explosion ensures that every 12, 9 or even 5 critical hits trigger an explosion.

Lucky Shot increases critical hit chance with Rapid Fire Skills.

The last passive ability you get is Torch.

This gives you a chance to set enemies on fire, which is especially nice for bosses, as they continuously suffer damage from it.

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