In this post I want to show you a detailed guide for the character Butcher in the game Swarm Grinder and how you can easily finish the game in under 8 minutes.

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Swarm Grinder: in unter 8 Minuten durchspielen - Butcher Build Guide
In diesem Beitrag möchte ich dir einen ausführlichen Guide für den Charakter Butcher in dem Spiel Swarm Grinder zeigen und wie du das Spiel locker in unter 8 Minuten beenden kannst.

The Butcher character has the advantage that the tip of his weapon, Cleaver, deals double damage to enemies.

On Overcharge 1, his Cleaver has +20% increased range.
On Overcharge 2, his global damage is increased by +20%.

When low on health, he has increased movement speed.

First you get Arsenal.

This increases your global damage, but much more important is the next upgrade.

And that would be Heal on Kill.

With this, you heal for 0.5 for each enemy kill.

It is essential that you get this upgrade as soon as possible and also get it to level 3 so that you heal yourself for 1.5 for every kill.

Arsenal's other upgrades are also very helpful, most notably Global Count .

With this you practically double your damage, since your main weapon gets +1 number of attacks per upgrade and loses -15% damage of the active abilities, which still provides an immense damage boost.

The third useful and powerful Arsenal upgrade is Blades Damage.

Which will significantly increase your total damage again.

Of course, Arsenal's Ultimate Upgrade shouldn't be missing either, which simply doubles your overall global damage.

Furthermore, the following two upgrades of your main weapon are also very powerful and ensure a smooth flow, which allows you to easily twirl through the opponents.

One would be Helicopter Blades.

This will decrease your cooldown at the cost of damage, but that's not a bad thing since you'll have more than enough damage.

The next upgrade is Executioner Blades.

This increases your damage immensely at the cost of a higher cooldown, but this more than compensates for the previous upgrade.

The ultimate upgrade also doubles the damage here, since you're simply doing every twist of your main attack twice.

Once you have enough healing, meaning 2-3 upgrades from Arsenal and 2-3 upgrades from Shredder, you can just run through the enemies, slaughtering everything along the way and easily completing the run in under 8 minutes.

See here, my 2nd run with the character:

The other passive abilities aren't that important, so you should always choose one of the top two whenever possible.

Still, they give you a good damage boost to carry when nothing else is available.

That would be Detonator.

With Global Explosion Chance.

Or Invulnerability, which doesn't make a lot of sense since you'll take quasi-permanent damage.

Then comes Lucky Charm.

With Critical Blast.

And torch.

Which doesn't do you much good, but you should still take it instead of any other active ability, so you don't waste fuel unnecessarily.

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