For the exclusive Bunny Quest Follow Their Traces I'll show you how to find the records of her parents here.


Bunny is a very popular hero and you get an exclusive quest with her in which you have to search for and listen to several echoes in different areas.

The quest text already gives you some clues as to where you need to go.

It is described here that the records are located in the Barren Lands exclusion zone.

You also learn that there is a cliff near a powerful jammer in this spear zone.

Also, the quest is not completed by just collecting the recordings, you also have to listen to these recordings.

Quest text Follow Their Traces


You have to open the map and then open Sterile Land.

You may have to play the main story a little further first so that you can travel to the Sterile Lands in the first place.

Sterile Land on the map


There are different zones there, and you have to go to the lower of these zones, the Restricted Zone.

This is where the real search for the echo for her parents begins.

You see the green arrow in the lower left area.

You have to go there first.

Restriced Zone in Sterile Land


Once there, you have to go up to the cliff there and look towards the sea.

Just before the end of the cliff you will see the recording lying on the ground.

Echo on the cliff

Collect these and then open the map again.

There you switch to the Protocol tab, which already has a red dot indicating something new.

Here you select the Records, which are also marked with a red dot if you have not listened to the recording yet.


Records in the menu Protocol

There you select the sub-item Descendants.

And finally, listen to the recording Emergency Communications Recording - Agent Cayden Voltia.

This basically completes the quest, you just have to travel to Albion and talk to Alpha.

Recording under the menu Descendants

You will then be given the next quest, The Traces Continue, in which you have to find another echo in a different zone.


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