The continuing exclusive quest The Traces Continue for Bunny gives you the task of searching for records of her parents again. You can find the exact location of this recording here.


For Bunny's 2nd exclusive quest The Traces Continue, the quest text again gives some clues as to where you need to go.

You can find the records you are looking for in the Ruins zone in the Vespers area.

There is a Void Fragment near the records.

You should also search for the recordings on a ruined building and then listen to them again.


The area you need to go to is Vespers.

You may need to play the main story far enough to get to this area.

It is the area you unlock after the Sterile Lands, so you should get here after about 8 - 10 hours of gameplay.

Vespers on the map


The zone you have to go to is the ruins.

These are located in the middle area of Vespers.

Here you can see the void fragment mentioned in the quest text in the lower area.

A little further to the right, where the green arrow is, is a tall ruined building.

You have to swing yourself up onto it using a grappling hook.


On this very ruined building, you go to the end of this structure, where you will find a small ledge with no more leaves on it.

From there you can also see the Void Fragment on the ground.

You can now collect the recording you found there.

Records on the ruined building


Open the map and click on the Log tab.

There you select the recordings on the right and go to the next menu item.

Here you select the sub-item Descendants, where you will find the records you have already collected.

The records to be read are Colon's emergency orders.

Once you listen to this, you will receive the quest Secrets Revealed.

The next task of this quest is for you to go back to Albion and talk to Gley, who might know more.

The next quest in this exclusive quest series is In Search of the Relic, where you have to find another recording.


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