There are many different Warframes in Warframe, as well as other means of transportation and weapon types. One of these is the Necramech. You can find out how to get it and what the requirements are here.



In order to unlock or use the Necramech, there are a few requirements that you must have met.

First you should play the main story until you have completed The Inner War .

This gives you the ability to transfer yourself out of your Warframe, which is necessary in order to be able to operate the Necramech and leave it again.

For this quest, further requirements must be met in order for you to be able to accept this quest.

Play the game and reach Mastery Rank 5, complete previous quests, and have completed the Bridge of Planet Sedna so you can continue.

You also need to have completed the Heart of Deimos quest in order to obtain the parts for the Necramech.

Obtained Necramech parts

To get the Necramech parts, you have to do a certain type of mission on Deimos in the open world.

These are called Isolation Vaults and involve you killing enemy Necramechs in the open world on Deimos, which can drop necessary parts for your own Necramech.

Blueprints needed to build the Necramech

These missions additionally give you parts you need to increase your reputation for the faction, which you need to purchase the blueprints for the Necramech parts.

Drops that you can exchange for reputation increases.

Alternatively, you can skip this entire process by purchasing a Necramech for Platinum from the shop.

Necramech weapon

You also have to assemble the weapon for your Necramech.

You can also buy the blueprint for it and the parts required for it from the Necramech parts dealer.

Summon and use Necramech

If you own your Necramech, you can equip it in the Arsenal tab of your Archwing or K-Drive and configure it with the appropriate weapon.

Also in the arsenal, you need to equip the Necramech in order to be able to summon it via your equipment bar.

Gear tab

Here select a free slot or one that you would like to replace.

Equipment wheel to select for your Necramech

In the next search you can filter by “Necramech” so you don’t have to scroll through the entire selection.

Once in the open world, you can summon your Necramech using the shortcut for Gear (default "Q").

Once you've done that, press the shortcut for Transference (default "5") to switch from your Warframe or Operator to your Necramech.

Transference into your Necramech

You can use the same shortcut to leave the Necramech or switch back to your Warframe.


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