In this article I would like to show you a build for Wisp Prime and of course Wisp that you can play well with and make optimal use of the abilities.


We use the Auramod Corrosive Projection to reduce the enemies' armor. The Auramod gives you additional capacity instead of draining it.

As an exile mod, you use Fused Reservoir to change your reservoirs, i.e. your first ability, so that all 3 of your reservoirs are placed at once.

This makes it much more convenient to only have to use the ability once instead of three times for all 3 reservoirs.

Blind Rage gives you ability power at the expense of ability efficiency, but this won't be a problem given Wisp's relatively low energy cost.

Transient Fortitude gives you ability power at the cost of ability duration. The reduced duration mainly affects the buff of your reserves after you leave them, but that's not a problem since the duration is unlimited as long as you stay in them.

Primed Continuity increases your lost ability duration again. Of course, this mod can also be replaced by Continuity, which is just a little worse.

With Adaptation you gain 10% resistance to the type of damage taken each time, up to a maximum of 90%.

This mod is very good on a defensive level, allowing you to better regenerate the damage you take.

Primed Flow increases your maximum energy enormously, and can be replaced by Flow if you don't already have this mod.

Archon Intensify gives you ability power and increases this bonus again when you pick up a healing orb.

August Secrets gives you ability power and ensures that your spent energy is converted into shield.

With Archon Stretch you get near-infinite energy regeneration in addition to ability range, as it gives you a buff to energy regeneration when you deal electricity damage, which you will do permanently with your reservoir.


For this build you need a total of 4 Forma.

This is what your mods should look like:

Ideally, the mods should of course be maximized.

Helminth Ability

You can replace your 4th ability with Roar from Rhino to benefit from an additional damage buff.


Arcane Guardian gives you a chance to gain a huge amount of armor when you take damage.

Together with Adaptation, you have excellent defense values.

Even if you have very good energy regeneration with Archon Stretch, I like to also use Arcane Energize so that I can really use my abilities permanently, even if the opponents are robbing me of my energy or something similar.


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