Dozers can be annoying enemies that can endure an extreme amount of punishment and also cause a lot of damage. Therefore, it is recommended to get rid of them as soon as possible. Here you can find a build that makes this much easier and still lets you play comfortably.

Recommended weapons would be the Scar assault rifle, if you don't already own one, the SA A144 rifle.



You get Enforcer Basic so that you get Grit for 2 enemies killed within 5 meters.

Enforcer Ace also gives you Edge for the next enemy killed within 5 yards if you have Grit.

Quick Reload

With Grit and Edge active, you can reload faster using Quick Reload.

Face to Face

Edge and Grit gives you an additional 10% damage against enemies within 5 meters with Face to Face.

This will make it easier for you to take down Dozers right in front of you more quickly.


Solid gives you immunity to daze effects as long as you have Vigor and Grit active.

Combat Reload

With Combat Reload, you reset the duration of your Edge and Grit if you reload your weapon while your magazine is not yet empty.

Shock & AWE

You have a chance to daze all enemies within 5 meters when you kill an enemy within 8 meters of you.



Sharpshooter Basic is an additional source of Edge.

You gain Edge by standing still for 1.5 seconds while aiming.

Cutting Shot

Cutting Shot increases your armor penetration as long as you have Edge.

This ability is particularly useful against heavily armored dozers.



Mower is another source of Edge once you have fired 35 bullets.

Recoil Handling

Recoil Handling gives you reduced recoil if you have Edge.

This allows you to do better damage with continuous fire at the dozer.

Ammo Funnel

Ammo Funnel puts the ammunition you have picked up directly back into your magazine, making it easier for you to eliminate smaller SWAT enemies in one go.


With the help of Replenish you automatically pick up dropped ammunition as long as you have Edge.

Ammo Specialist

Ammo Specialist

Ammo Specialist Basic increases your maximum ammo by 20%.


Scrounger gives you a 10% chance of refilling one of your throwables with the ammunition you pick up.

This means you can use stun grenades very often and run into significantly fewer problems from smaller SWAT units.

Plate Up

As long as you have Grit, picking up dropped ammunition will instantly regenerate your current armor fragment.



Strategist Basic gives you an additional marker that you can use to mark enemies.

Plus, your marks last 20% longer.

Combat Marking

With Combat Marking, marked enemies receive an additional 10% more damage from you if you have Edge.

This will further increase the damage you can do directly against Dozers when they are marked and allow you to eliminate them even more effectively.



Tank Basic increases your armor regeneration speed by 20%.

Additionally, your Armor Bag's charges increase by an additional 2 charges.

This will give you a little more overall toughness.

Extra Plates

Extra Plates increases your Armor Bag's charges by 2 additional charges.

This gives your armor bag a total of 6 charges.

Armor Up

With Armor Up, you restore an additional armor portion of your armor when you interact with an armor bag.

This means you can restore a total of 12 pieces of armor.

This means you are as well prepared as possible if a dozer gives you some counterfire and destroys your armor.

Best Builds

Payday 3 - The best builds
An overview of all my builds can be found here.New builds will be added in the respective category.


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