In this post you will find a map on which all the stores in Stardew Valley are marked. We also explain here which goods are available where.

In Stardew Valley, there isn't one shop for everything, but rather many specialized shops that only sell or accept certain goods. So if you need certain goods, you have to go to the right shop.

If you get a telephone (available at the carpenter's shop), you can call some of these shops to check the status of your order or their inventory. When you dial a number, only the shop owner's first name is displayed. The names of the shop owners listed in the telephone can also be found on the maps here.

Pelican Town

General store, blacksmith, museum and Joja Mart on one map in Stardew Valley
All shops in Pelikan Town at a glance.

General Store - Pierre (9am-5pm)

These are the main things you can buy at the general store:

  • Seeds
  • Fertilizer
  • Backpack upgrades

At Pierre you can find the current seeds for every season. You can also expand your backpack here by clicking on the symbol to the right of Pierre. This allows you to expand the backpack in two stages from 12 to 36 spaces.

Blacksmith - Clint (9am-4pm)

These are the most important things you can buy from the blacksmith:

  • Tool improvements
  • Copper, iron and gold ore, coal
  • Break open geodes

By improving your tools, you need fewer hits for stones and wood. You can also work on larger areas on your fields.

Found geodes and other items can be broken open by the blacksmith for a small fee.

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Museum & Library - Gunther (8am-6pm)

Minerals and artifacts can be donated to Gunther's museum to add these to the collection. A maximum of 95 items can be donated, then you will receive your final reward from Gunther: The Stardrop.

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By donating items, you get a reward back every 5-10 items, depending on what was donated. Each item can only be donated once, anything beyond that can be sold.

Joja Mart (9am-11pm)

These are the main things you can buy at Joja Mart:

  • Seeds
  • Special items
  • Community development projects

In addition to a manageable range of goods, the Joja Mart also offers the important town repairs that can be purchased once you choose this alternative gameplay path.

Instead of the regular game path, the development of the city can also be done via the Joja Mart membership (cost: 5000g). This means that all improvements to the town can only be bought with gold, and donations to the community center are no longer possible.

North of the Town

Map of the northern town in Stardew Valley with carpenter shop, mine and adventure guild
If you walk north in the city, you will come to the carpenter's shop and also the adventure guild.

Carpenter's Shop - Robin (9am-8pm)

These are the most important things you can buy at the carpenter’s shop:

  • Wood
  • Stones
  • Furniture
  • Farm buildings
  • Farmhouse upgrades

At the carpenter's shop you will find everything you need to upgrade and beautify your farm. In addition to a variety of furniture, you can also a barn built for your animals here, provided you have the necessary cash.

Adventurer's Guild - Marlon (2pm-10pm)

These are the most important things you can buy in the Adventure Guild:

  • Weapons
  • Shoes
  • Rings

At Marlon's shop you will find a list of monsters that you should hunt. If you have completed a point on the list, you will receive a reward of Gil.

You can also buy back lost items from Marlon in the Adventurer's Guild if you pass out in the mine.

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South of the Town

You can find the fishing shop on the beach in Stardew Valley.

Fish Shop - Willy (9am-5pm)

These are the most important things you can buy at Willy's shop:

  • Various fishing rods
  • Fishing bait
  • Fish traps
  • Fisher furniture

In addition to all the fishing supplies, you can also unlock the boat from Willy, which takes you to Ginger Island.

South of the Farm

Marnie's Ranch and the Traveling Cart is located south of your farm in Stardew Valley.

Marnie's Ranch (9am-4pm)

These are the most important things you can buy at the ranch:

  • Animals
  • Pet supplies

In Marnie's Ranch you can buy animals for the barn you bought from Robin. This way you can equip your farm with chickens, cows and horses, for example. You can also get food here for your animals and tools to work with your animals.

Travelling Cart (every Friday + Sunday)

At the traveling cart you get a limited range of all kinds of goods, but they are usually relatively expensive. Here you can also buy the Rare Seed, which you will need to make the sacrifice to Old Master Cannoli later.