In this review, you will discover everything about the Blackview Shark 8, an extremely affordable smartphone available for just 150 euros on AliExpress. We will closely examine its strengths and weaknesses and present our findings.

About the Blackview SHARK 8

Front view of the Blackview Shark 8 smartphone

The Shark 8 was provided to us by Blackview. It is available on Aliexpress from a price of around 150 euros (advertising) and during special promotions, such as when the item is released, it can also be significantly lower. The price is very affordable and so in this review we want to find out how it performs at this price.

Technical data

  • Colors: Galaxy Blue, Searing Gold, Moonlight Gray
  • Operating system: DokeOS 4.0, based on Android 13
  • Screen: 6.78 inches, resolution 1080 x 2460, 120 Hz refresh rate
  • Processor: MediaTek Helio G99, octa-core, 6 nm
  • Memory: 8GB RAM, LPDDR4X + 128GB/256GB ROM
  • Front Camera: 13MP
  • Rear Camera: 64MP
  • Battery: 5000mAh, 33W fast charging
  • Connectivity: WiFi + cellular up to LTE
  • Other functions: NFC, Face Unlock, Dual SIM, MicroSDXC up to 1 TB
Scope of delivery of the Blackview Shark 8: smartphone, charger, USB-C cable, protective glass, protective case and user manual

Design and build quality

The design of the smartphone is simple, with only the back being a little more eye-catching. The notch is small and unobtrusive, and the display extends across the entire device with just a few edges.

The back of the Blackview Shark 8, shown in detail

Build quality
Despite the extremely low price, we did not find any problems with the build quality. Everything sits tight and there were no scratches or dents.

Close-up of the Blackview Shark 8 camera

Fingerprint sensor
Especially notable is the fingerprint sensor, which is integrated into the on/off switch. It positively surprised me for the price because it responds reliably and quickly.

Below the volume control is the power button, which contains an integrated fingerprint sensor


Color accuracy and viewing angles
The color accuracy hardly changes at different viewing angles and is therefore very good. You can set different display modes that make the image appear warmer or colder.

Refresh rate
The 120 Hertz ensures a very smooth display. Overall, the display performs very well, better than I would have expected from a smartphone in the 150 euro price range.

Brightness and outdoor use
The display's brightness was good outdoors. However, it's important to note that the test for display brightness was conducted at noon on a clear day in January. The demands on a smartphone display's brightness may be higher during the summer months.

Personal conclusion
In my personal opinion, the display is one of the highlights of the Blackview Shark 8.


Benchmark testing
We tested the performance of the SHARK 8 using Geekbench and GFXBench. In the Geekbench single-score test, the device achieved a score of 733 and in the multi-core test a score of 2071. In the GFXBench it achieved a GPU score of 1300. These scores easily exceeded the performance of a Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, which was twice as high is expensive – a very good value. In the GFXBench, the SHARK 8 also achieved 2.5 fps, which is roughly equivalent to the performance of a Samsung Galaxy A72.

Everyday performance
The performance in the user interface is absolutely smooth and without any stutters. In Pokémon Go, in Native FPS mode, the performance feels similar to that of an iPhone: everything is absolutely smooth and stutter-free.

Browsers and streaming
I didn't notice any limitations when using the browser; As soon as the websites are loaded, operation is smooth. YouTube and Netflix can also be used without any problems, and no restrictions were found there either.

Note on the test
There were approximately 15-20 apps installed during the test. The apps were kept open in the background and not closed; Up to 10 tabs were open in the browser.


Music playback
When playing music on the Shark 8, I noticed that the the highs and lows are not very distinct.

The bottom of the Blackview Shark 8 is equipped with speakers, a USB-C port, a microphone and a 3.5 mm jack connection

Movie playback
When watching films, however, the sound experience was more harmonious and did not stand out negatively.

Suitability for everyday life
The device is well suited for everyday use. However, the sound may seem a bit flat for users who value detailed sound.


Comparison with iPhone 15
Below I tested the Shark 8's camera. In order to have a comparison with an image that is as close to reality as possible, I chose the iPhone 15. The comparison is of course not fair, but it is very meaningful and you can find out what image quality you can expect from a camera on a 150 euro smartphone.

Daylight images
Images taken during the day at high brightness tend to be rich in detail. You shouldn't worry too much about the fact that the images appear a little colder, as this can be adjusted later in the Photos app.

Shark 8 vs. iPhone 15 in daylight
Shark 8 vs. iPhone 15 in daylight
Shark 8 vs. iPhone 15 in daylight

Dusk and nighttime images
When it gets darker, the Shark 8's camera struggles to avoid image noise. In addition, the sharpness decreases because the autofocus is no longer perfect. But you can't expect perfection at night in this price range, so that's perfectly fine.

Shark 8 vs. iPhone 15 at dusk
Shark 8 vs. iPhone 15 in the dark


Capacity and running time
The 5000 mAh battery is very generous. In our test we wanted to find out whether the battery really stands out because of its size.

Test with Pokémon Go
When using the Pokémon Go app, we had an astonishingly long battery life of 8 hours, and that was in Native Resolution Mode. For comparison: My iPhone 15 only achieved just over 5 hours in the same test.

Netflix test
The battery consumption when playing a movie on Netflix with a duration of 105 minutes was a very low 8%.

Standby consumption
The standby consumption in the mobile network with LTE was at most 1-2% per hour.

Overall impression
Two to three days of use on one battery charge with high usage behavior is quite realistic. Compared to my iPhone 15, the Blackview Shark 8 had significantly longer battery life in all scenarios.


Operating system and updates
The Blackview Shark 8 is equipped with DokeOS 4.0, which is based on Android version 13 and receives all security updates directly from Google.

User interface and pre-installations
The user interface is sleek and tidy. In addition, which I personally prefer, no third-party software was pre-installed.

Usability and User Experience
Using the smartphone is intuitive and easy to understand, even for iPhone users. I adapted to it quickly and navigated its features with ease. The gestures are logical, and I found all the functions right where I expected them. The user interface is exceptionally smooth, and all apps open very swiftly.

Conclusion on the software
In summary, Blackview has adapted the operating system well to the hardware of the Shark 8 and you can easily find your way around as an iPhone user.

Special features

  • The 120Hz display feels very good and the size is very practical for multimedia and gaming
  • Very fast charging with a 33 watt charger that supports many standards
  • Very bright display
  • Simple design which I prefer
  • 3.5mm audio jack, which is hard to find these days
  • Expandable with MicroSDXC up to 1TB
  • Lavishly equipped with 128 or 256 GB of storage
  • FM radio
  • Samsung cameras.
  • Clean operating system that performs well
  • Dual SIM and NFC
  • Fingerprint sensor in the power button


The Blackview Shark 8 impressed us in the testing and offers a very good price-performance ratio at 150 euros.

During the review, I was particularly impressed by the design, build quality, display, battery life, performance, and the included operating system. In these areas, the Shark 8 surpasses the typical $150 smartphone.

If there is a minor weak point to note, it would be the camera's performance at night, although this is not a significant issue considering the price.

For anyone looking for a high-performance smartphone under 300 euros, the Blackview Shark 8 is definitely worth considering. Despite its low price, this device not only offers very good quality but also impressive performance.

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