In this post I want to show you a build of the Arms Dealer character that will allow you to play through the game very well.

The positive characteristics of the arms dealer have it all.
You get weapons for -95% cost, he starts with +30 harvest starts, damage mods are increased by 25%, he starts with a Dangerous Bunny (which gives you a free shop refresh) and the shop always has at least 1 weapon.

However, the negative feature is that after each round, i.e. when he enters the shop, all his weapons are destroyed.

The run always starts with a pistol, we have no other choice.

I recommend not concentrating too much on close combat, ranged combat or technology or throwing one of the values extremely negatively, since there is no guarantee that exactly these weapon types will appear again in the next shop.

Nevertheless, it is good to buy the turrets, which can be purchased as permanent items, since they do not disappear again, and you have a guaranteed source of damage.

Also, the Luck stat is very helpful with this character, as the weapons you get will have a higher chance of being of a higher quality, which in turn will make it easier for you to get through the round.

It makes the most sense to focus on the defensive stats, so that in an emergency you can simply pull the opponents behind you to survive the round.

Therefore, get enough HP, HP regeneration, armor and dodge.

From round 5 onwards, always get as many 6 weapons as possible so that you can grant a higher damage output, and you can successfully survive the round.

Because the character starts with a good harvest value, you can focus more on increasing the value early on, since you can maybe update the shop once or twice more with the extra materials and thus the one or another weapon or a weapon upgrade.

A successful run unlocks an extremely good item for your further runs, namely the Anvil.