In this post I want to show you a build of the character Streamer, with which you can play through the game very well.

The Character Streamer is a very unusual character that requires an understanding of how its traits work together.

First to the positive qualities.

He gains +3% of the materials he currently owns per second while not moving, up to a maximum of +25.
+40% Damage and +40% Attack Speed when moving.
Also +2 armor per construction.

The negative traits are that -50% materials are dropped, ⁣
you do -1% damage per 15 materials and get -1% speed per 30 materials.

So it doesn't make sense to have much more than 830 materials at the start of the round, since the negative values will continue to fall, but the material generation will no longer increase.

In a nutshell, you actually want to stay where you are, since you're generating materials with it, but also doing less damage the more materials you have.

In addition, an item combination with a character trait was changed because the streamer benefited unnaturally well from it, namely the padding. On the test server there was no maximum material generation of 25 and so at some point the character regenerated absolutely absurdly high materials in values of over 100,000 per second and got so much extra HP through the pad that it was really impossible to die.

The most sensible variant is therefore to concentrate on constructions, i.e. technology, since these are not affected by the -% damage.

In addition, you will automatically endure more because you get more armor.

So let's start the run with the wrench.

Stand in one place for as long as possible to take advantage of the bonus and generate materials.

Don't spend all the materials, either, so that you can start the new round with an even higher bonus.

Focus primarily on Engineering stats to increase the damage of your constructions and on defensive stats like HP, HP Regeneration and Evasion. You get more than enough armor from your constructions.

Your actual task is then only to stay in one place for as long as possible in order to generate as many materials as possible so that you can buy even more constructions, so that you can buy even more defensive values.

As soon as you generate around 10 materials, i.e. have around 300 materials, it's no longer really worth picking up the materials that the opponents drop, since you're effectively losing materials.

Absolutely the best item that you can get with the streamer and that you are also practically immortal is Esty's couch. At the latest you can simply stop, generate materials, - accumulate speed and thereby receive extra HP regeneration.

A good run can then easily look like this:

If you complete the run successfully, you unlock the Community Support item.

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