In this post I want to show you a build of the character Brawler, with which you can play through the game very well.

First of all, the characteristics of the brawler.
He gains +50% Attack Speed while his Weapon Class is unarmed.
He also starts with the weapon "Fist"
He also starts with +15 dodge, which is great for melee weapons, which he starts with.
The negative stats are -50 range and -50 ranged damage, which severely limits weapon choices to melee.

Since the Brawler already starts with a fist, we'll take an additional "hand" at the beginning so that we get an extra +3 harvest.

This does little damage, but has a stronger recoil, which ensures that enemies are pushed further away if they get too close to you.

Since we already have some dodge chance from the character itself, it always makes sense to focus on more melee damage first, or alternatively a bit more Max HP.

Furthermore, you should always carry Armor, % Crit Chance, % Attack Speed, % Damage, % Life Drain and HP Regen on this character.

The values ranged damage, which is -50 anyway, elemental damage, technology and range can be completely ignored or reduced if there is a positive value to the above.

The stats % Speed, Luck, and Harvest can always be taken with you if you like, but the other good stats shouldn't suffer too much.

In the shop you should first focus on more fists and hands as a weapon, which you can find very easily by rerolling in the shop in the first few waves.
You are also welcome to take a few other items with you that will make your run easier or increase your regeneration, such as B. the Lemonade or the Strange Food.

Always make sure that you strengthen your weapons by combining them and thereby reach the next weapon level.

Since the higher levels are always significantly stronger, you should always do this as soon as you find another weapon in the shop.
However, don't go below the maximum number of weapons of 6, otherwise you will effectively lose damage and also have less control over the waves.

Once you've completed the run with the Brawler, you'll unlock the power fist for future runs.

Guide for all Achievements

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