In this post I want to show you a build of the character Entrepreneur, with which you can play through the game very well.

The entrepreneur's positive qualities are that his item prices in the shop are reduced by -25%.
In addition, his Harvest modifiers are increased by 50%, and he gains an additional 25% of materials when salvaging items.

The negative traits are that he gets -100% materials at the beginning of the wave.
This means that its materials are always set to 0 at the beginning of each wave. So we have to have handed out as many materials as possible beforehand.
In addition, its damage modifiers are reduced by 50%.

We start the run with the shuriken.

This is an excellent weapon both because it's a ranged weapon that scales with melee damage and because it ricochets on an additional target for each critical hit - the number of ricochets also continues to increase as the weapon levels up!

In order to make the character as pleasant as possible, it is best to first get the maximum number of shurikens and at the same time concentrate on both crit chance, for shuriken bounces, and on harvest, so that you can get as much of the character's bonus harvest as possible as early as possible can take with you.

The increased harvest will be noticeable very quickly, and you can buy significantly more in the shop.

You should then concentrate offensively, in addition to crit chance, on melee damage and % damage and defensively on max HP, HP regeneration, life drain and armor.

Don't forget to always spend as much materials as you can in the shop, as you will lose any materials you have left at the beginning of the wave!

An excellent item for the build, and indeed any build that focuses on crit chance, is the Hunting Trophy.

With this you have a chance to get 1 additional material when you kill an enemy with a critical hit - The item is also stackable!

After a successful run of the character, you unlock the following item for your further runs:

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