In this post I want to show you a build of the character Ghost, with which you can play through the game very well.

Ghost's positive traits are that it deals +10 damage with Ethereal weapons.
He also starts with +30% dodge, and his max dodge limit is 90%.

However, he also has -100 Armor, which greatly increases damage taken!

We start the run with the Ghost Flint. So you will get +1% Attack speed for every 20 enemies killed during a wave.

Get 3 more Ghost Flint and also 2 Ghost Axes as soon as possible. So you get an extra % Damage for every 20 enemies killed during a wave.

On the one hand, we want to achieve that you get a lot of attack speed and damage from killed opponents.

Additionally, the ethereal weapon bonus gives you more dodge chance, which is extremely important as you will take a lot more damage from the character's high negative armor.

By leveling up the character, at the end of the wave, it is best to also choose Dodge Chance.

Also upgrade the weapons to get the attack speed and damage bonus for fewer enemies killed.

Some harvesting is also very good, as this extra income in materials allows you to refresh the shop more often and upgrade your weapons faster, resulting in higher offensive stats faster.

Once you hit 90% dodge chance, you should get a bunch of life regeneration and some max HP.

When you have around 150-200% attack speed and 80-100% damage from your Weapons, you can swap 2-3 of your weapon slots for Ghost Scepters.

You will have more than enough offensive values to keep destroying the waves, and you will automatically get more max HP from this weapon, which will make you more and more immortal, since you will hardly be hit by the extremely high dodge chance.

With the end boss it is not difficult to reach an HP pool of 150 - 200, and you can finish the run very easily.

Through the successful run with this character, you unlock the item Ritual for your further runs.

Guide for all Achievements

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